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Telecine Zone came bringing a lot of innovation and for promotion, BOPP Gloss laminated inserts were produced. Lamination guarantees higher resistance to water,  scratches, and when handling the inserts. In addition, the BOPP Gloss film provides an excellent visual presentation.

With the expertise of taking the best of cinema to subscribers on multiple platforms, Telecine aims at new generations and launches an application for the young audience. The application allows watching movies and series, playing, collecting cards, everything at the same time.

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The Diletto leaflets were produced with the intention of presenting the variety of products and the history of the brand. The leaflet was finished with BOPP Opaque lamination and resulted in a very beautiful visual presentation. BOPP protects, embellishes and adds value to the product, thus, the use of the material for different purposes is becoming increasingly common.

La felicità è gelato. This phrase perfectly defines the Diletto brand, which produces delicious Brazilian popsicles with a pure Italian accent.

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Secret Garden is a coloring book which achieved great success in the last years. The excellent finishing laminated with BOPP Opaque applied on the cover transmits more elegance and durability; this finishing assures the book´s longer service life to the collectors.

Secret Garden is indicated for all ages and contains illustrations rich in details, which allows us to forget everyday life’s adversities through the pictures, and looks for the artist that exists in each one of us.

Welcome to the secret world!




When the subject is quality and beautiful finishing, we know that the BOPP Film is an excellent option, but it shall be pointed out that in case of materials present at the time of our meals, better care shall be taken. In addition to quality and beauty, the product has to assure adequate cleaning, thus finishing laminated with BOPP film is the most indicated for menus. After been laminated, the menu can be cleaned correctly and it does not wear out.

BOPP is the perfect finishing for menus as it assures higher protection against scratches and moisture, in addition to beauty and sophistication, as always. Thus, Litocomp, a company specialized in UV off-set printing since 1975 produces first class materials with laminated finishing.


[Foto: Litocomp]