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The Automatic Thermal Laminating Machine Voyager 4, unique on the Brazilian market and commercialized exclusively by Prolam.

Developed especially for thermal laminating of BOPP and PET films, it can laminate sheets with minimum dimensions from 216mm x 280 mm to 812mm x 1020 mm, with operation speed of 60 m/min and 7,500 sheets/ h (660mm x 480mm).


Check out our explanation video!


It is about an innovating equipment on the Brazilian market.


  • Automatic paper feeder (similar to that used in off-set printers);

    Transmission of the sheets from the feeder to the calender by means of vacuum belts;

    Water-heated calender enables faster heating and cooling compared to the manual equipment;

    Sheet shredder and separator, which operates at different speeds of the featured rolls.

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Click on the image below to see the complete presentation:


The average production of a Voyager 4 is equal to the production of 4 manual thermo-laminating machines, and can be operated by 1 employee only. Thus, it generates enormous reduction in operation costs.


The equipment is sold by Prolam already nationalized in Brazil; the company offers installation support and technical assistance.


Operacional description Voyager4
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